Luftwaffe model 1935 helmet


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Model 35 helmet of the luftwaffe manufactured by ET (Eisen und Huttenwerke in Thale) double badges with eagle of the first type. Size 62, number 3290. The bottom of the bomb is gray-blue in color. The helmet has been repainted in a matt gray color. Trace of the old decals (End of the wing under the painting, photo with the black circle). New decals have been re-affixed. The national colors are 98%, the eagle 20%. Non-reconditioned helmet for strapping which is of the first type. Returned black chinstrap. A stamp “FLW Sol (illegible) Hildsheim, West Air Force Hildesheim” on the cap. Marking at the bottom of the helmet with “Komp 1”. Small impact hole at the top of the bomb.

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